Marangu Waterfalls

Cascadas de Marangu
Cascadas de Marangu

Marangu Waterfalls (Mt. Kilimanjaro area) — with 150 meters in height, this is considered the highest waterfall in the Kilimanjaro region. In the local dialect, “Marangu” means “a place with too many water streams” – noting the abundance of water in that area. Within these waterfalls, if you want to swim in chilly waters, don’t forget to bring a bathing suit –this area is safe for swimming.

Note: Due to its attitude, the village of Marangu enjoys a much cooler and humid climate than many parts of Africa. The local community has taken advantage of this by making a modest living producing coffee & bananas. Tourists can see the entire process of collecting, roasting and grinding coffee in the village. Local famers can show you how. Afterwards, visitors can sample the locally-produced coffee – said to be among the best brewed anywhere in the world.


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